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The everlovin’ rooster and his lonesome old hen.

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Sharon Tandy is one of those cult artists you can only discover by accident.  In my case, it was because Tower Records NYC was closing and clearing their merch – thus some intriguing looking things were on sale, including what seemed like way too many copies of the Zakary Thaks’ and Tandy’s CDs.  So, naturally, I liberated them.  Now, in the Thaks’ case, it’s reasonable to say that their peak was really their most famous song, the one that made it to the Nuggets box (though the others are good).

In Tandy’s case, there was much more to discover.  Not having been featured on any comp I had at the time, I didn’t know quite what to expect.  With some research and a quick listen-through, I felt that “Hold On” had to be one of the greatest hybrids of Dusty-like vocals and garage punk guitars, but then I moved and lost touch with my CD collection for a while.

Fast forwarding a few years, a renewed commitment vis a vis this blog to the 45RPM 7″ single led me to  ask myself: what things should I be looking out for, especially given my proximity to the UK?  Sure, if I was in the US, I’d be buying soul all the time, but the shipping costs make that prohibitive much of the time.  Hence I went after some add-ons to UK group 45s I already had, like Spencer Davis and the Easybeats, as well as deciding I needed a serious Kinks collection.  Eventually I remembered Sharon Tandy, and went to look at pricing.

If you just look at the Buy It Nows, ouch – regularly listed for 25 pounds and up.  But a little patience and some luck later, I have a few of these singles to compliment the CD complilation.

I can’t decide whether Tandy was the best served nonhit artist in rock history, or the worst.  Because she clearly got more opportunities than the average random non-charting artist of the day (a whopping 15 singles released between 1965 and 1969), in part because she was married to Frank Fenter, head of Atlantic UK.  But then, Atlantic didn’t exactly help her best foot forward, shelving most of the stuff she cut at Stax and initially delegating “Hold On” to a B-side.  Now, admittedly, “Stay With Me” (the original A-side of “Hold On”) is also great, so the decision is at least understandable.  But…Hurry Hurry Choo Choo?  A B-side of the clearly inferior “Love Is Not A Simple Affair?”  A mistake, in my mind.  A little payola and a side flip later, could have been massive, even in the US.

The single is so far unfindable I found the GERMAN single with the picture cover above right not long after I posted this.  However this cut is still straight from the Big Beat compilation CD.  Hear it for yourself.


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AA Bottom

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You know that ZZ Top Video with the car filled with girls in the desert?  This is the exact opposite – in climate, irony, and budget.

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