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I Everlasting Love this song.

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Is it possible not to get chills down your spine when this song starts?  OK, maybe if you’ve heard it a few too many times – it’s been covered to death by artists around the world, and taken to the upper regions of the charts by many of them.  But this version is secretly funky*, so will be a bit more tolerable as it sticks in your head for days and days.

I’d have a hard time slotting this into a genre.  Is it early disco?  Funk?  Radio pop?  Did people mistake it for Stevie Wonder?  Saccharine strings, whoo-ooo-ooo-ooo female backup vocals: it’s like late 60s Motown with far more conventional chord changes (it might be the exact opposite of the Marvelettes’ “My Baby Must Be A Magician” in terms of musical weirdness).

I’m surprised I haven’t heard this at every wedding I’ve ever been to – I could see this as a song that would call everyone from your grandma to your most cynical hipster cousin to the dance floor.  And it almost doesn’t last long enough to justify them having gotten up!  I love a song that doesn’t outstay its welcome.  Unlike, unfortunately, some of the later covers – and wannabes like Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All.”

The B side isn’t half bad either, having been featured on several of the right-listed blogs, though the title “Can I Be Your Main Squeeze” invites confusing comparisons to another artist with the initials CC – Chuck Carbo and his “Can I Be Your Squeeze.**”


*Credit Papa Don with keeping it real – read more about him at Red Kelly’s “The B Side/The A Side” empire, link to the right.

**Eddie Bo produced the latter, which you definitely should have.

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