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Other People’s Posts: Derek’s Daily 45

August 23, 2011 2 comments

One of the blogs I check daily is Derek See’s Daily 45 – nearly every post is an astonishing success.  Clearly the man is passionate about what he’s doing, too, since he posts so often.

Anyhow, I decided to post a link because he’s hit on one of Schlager Lager’s favorite artists, Gene Chandler.  It’s a 1973 track that bears all of his earlier Mercury-period musical trademarks.  Check it out!


Funky Nassau, the 7″ part 1/part 2 edit

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I know that every a-hole thinks he’s (or she’s) a producer, so the idea of no-name me editing a stone classic like Funky Nassau seems arrogant.  I won’t argue with the contention that the song didn’t need my help – it was in fact me that needed the song’s help, because I need more than one repetition of the famous break when I hear it.  Additionally, I like the idea of this as a dancefloor classic but thought that the original part 1/part 2 format didn’t lend itself all that well.  I didn’t want to change the structure all that much to encourage it, though.  How to apply a light touch, then?

I edited the best parts of the two sides together, cutting the more Caribbean-sounding first part in half to 30 seconds (so you can transition out of the soca part of your set into the heavy funk), dropping right into the break, and riding that mofo – first the part 2 bass break, then the drum and bass break from part 1.  After a few of the subsequent lyrics, we switch back to the (mostly) instrumental part 2 again.  I inserted a few “unnnh” hits to cover splices, and jacked the sound a bit for club use.

Negatives: arguably I repeated the part 2 bass break one too many times.  And if you have perfect pitch, parts 1 and 2 of the single don’t run at the same speed (not the fault of my turntable, honest), so there’s a slight truck driver’s gearshift upwards noticable in the bass (in the shift back to part 1).

I think it came out OK though.  Let me know how the dancing gets on with it!


(note: my 7″ scan disappeared, so for now I’m stealing an album cover image.)

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The Image – Creation

August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

That’s “Creation” by the band The Image, not “The Image” by the band [The] Creation.  And both of them on Hit-Ton!  I can imagine a few of the original buyers were confused.  In fact the “CREATION” text was what made me pause and look in a secondhand shop in the beautiful Swiss capital of Bern.  Coincidentally I later pulled a French copy of “Making Time” from the same stack – that in addition to several other rare psych singles.  Since there isn’t much out there about The Image as a band (other than that Dave Edmunds allegedly played guitar for them), feel free to skip to the last paragraph while I pontificate on who may have originally bought these.

Now, I’d never have found this stuff in Zurich.  Two reasons – one, there are seriously sophisticated music collectors here and I’m sure it would have been snapped up already at the paltry CHF2.50 I paid per piece.  Second reason – it may never have been in Zurich the first place.  There are no signs that this stuff originated in Switzerland (like a record store sticker or owner stamp, and 50/50 split between French and German pressings), so I circumstantially theorize that this is some diplomat’s kid’s collection (Bern being the capital of Switzerland).  “Daddy, can you bring me XXXX from Paris when you’re there?” or something like that, perhaps.  Could be wrong I suppose, maybe there’s some sadly deceased Swiss person out there who had immaculate taste in purchasing records but never played them (since these are all in great shape, other than some of them being dish warped).

This single is a two-sided classic, the topside being like if the Who and the Count Five merged, and the B-side possessing a breakbeat/organ/fuzz guitar loop that would make DJ Shadow jealous.



Heartaches Between Heartaches


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