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Vin Zee – Funky Be Bop

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Originally posted March 30, 2010 – some edits to content have been made.

Many 12″ and 7″ singles in the various dance genres come with “vocal” versions on side A and “instrumental” or “dub” versions on side B.  Some even come with bonus remixes.  But in the Italo disco genre, I tend to concentrate on the instrumentals, because I often find vocal stylings of our Italian friends aren’t great, and that has a tendency to distance non-genre-nuts from the music due to a perceived “cheese” factor.

There isn’t much downside to going right to the instrumental with Vin Zee.  While deep-sixing the crap main vocalist, “Funky Be Bop” retains the awesome background vocals from (and adds a jazz-artist-namechecking sax/vocal bridge to) the original vocal version.

Photo to the right is the picture sleeve from the Italian 7″ – some dude who looks like the love child of a lumberjack-rasta and Rollergirl, holding a toy monkey and a saxophone.  The monkey, BTW, is also wearing skates.  Unless someone’s got footage somewhere of him singing, I expect he was around for the photo session only.  (The dude, not the monkey – the monkey was the producer, actually.)



Note: vocal version available on iTunes if you want to get your Leonard Pinth-Garnell on.

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Yao Bingyan – A Drunken Man

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t know anything about this track other than what Google might tell me.  But doesn’t it sound at least a little bit like it could have a home on a western rock album, like LED ZEPPELIN III or something?  Sorry to seem ethnocentric, but my point is that there is more in common across musical borders than one would think.

Also, great title – “A Drunken Man.”  There’s also a cut on this CD involving a drunken fisherman, so clearly these are gritty, urban tales of the Chinese working class – like rap in the year zero.



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