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Now, if I could just track down some conch salad…

ronnieramblersEdit: originally published April 23, 2010, some edits to text and new links.  I have been back to the Bahamas since this post.  (In fact, in a truly odd coincidence considering where I now live, both the first and last stamps in my 2005 passport were from the Bahamas.)  I ate more conch salad, amongst other activities in and on the beautiful and impressive Exuma Islands.  But more relevant to the blog, I had a few years back located a 45RPM copy of Shot Gun Weddin’ by Ronnie Butler and the Ramblers, which I have digitized and linked to for your amusement.  Interestingly, later in the same recent Bahamas and Florida trip, I saw a second copy in this wonderful place, but since I respectfully disagree with the owner’s pricing system, I did not buy everything I could have.  If you need a copy, call him.

I only spent three days in Nassau way back in 2005, but a few things have stuck with me from that holiday – lust for fresh conch salad, and the mystery of a song called “Shotgun.”  Not too often that you hear the hook from a song once after a few beers and can hum it to yourself five years later – but that was the case here.  Very vivid memories, actually, considering the number of Kaliks I probably consumed that evening at the beachside shanty.  Maybe the chili in the conch salad helped.  Anyway, after getting home, I broke up with the girlfriend I was there with, and Lazy Sunday hadn’t come out yet, so Youtube wasn’t available to help with the search.  So I gave up, more or less.

Today I was delivered a compilation record that I ordered for a completely unrelated reason (i.e. for another post coming soon to a blog near you).  This LP, entitled “This Is Sue,” has a song called “Shotgun Wedding” by Roy C.  Not having heard it before I thought it might have been THE “Shotgun” I was looking for.  Not the case, but it inspired me to do another search (on Youtube this time) – and I found it!  I’m proud to present “Shotgun Wedding” by Ronnie and the Ramblers, one of the Bahamas’ preeminent calypso groups.

Great song, especially if you imagine a bar full of Nassau locals singing along – and pausing perfectly before Ronnie says “shotgun.”   I’m not sure whether this is the same version that I heard in the bar, but searches in all the usual haunts haven’t produced an alternate.  I don’t have the record it came from, and unfortunately it’s tough to track down these calypso records considering how few copies were usually pressed (some ridiculous people online would like to charge over 175USD for a copy, but that’s appalling).

[audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/24310913-5e9.mp3]


PS: here’s another funk nugget from Mr. Ronnie Butler – Bahama Rock.

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