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Freda Payne – The Easiest Way to Fall (7″ mix)

Edit: originally published April 14 2010.  Some edits to content and new links.

Everyone loves Motown, right?  Or at least, everyone’s mother and father do.  Being the offspring of one Motown-obsessed mama*, I have heard some of the most famous Motown product too many times to be entertained any more.

That doesn’t invalidate the concept, however – in fact it’s the basis for the whole Northern Soul movement.  If you like Motown but don’t want to listen to the 25 Motown or Motown-style songs played on oldies radio – Northern Soul is the genre for you.  And thank the Brits for their dogged pursuit of funk nuggets of all persuasions, otherwise these bits of American culture might have slipped beneath the waves.

Speaking of this song in particular, it is the B-side of one of those 25 songs played on oldies radio, at least when I was a kid – “Band of Gold.”  By the way, having read the liner notes of the recent Freda Payne on Invictus CD compilation, I was required to re-evaluate the context of “Band of Gold” – I always thought it was a jilted lover pining, but apparently it’s a sexual complaint (“that night/on our honeymoon/we slept/in separate rooms”).  Call me naive if you must.

“The Easiest Way to Fall” is possibly even more heartbreaking than its A-side.  “The easiest way to fall/is lean on someone you love” – Bill Withers, eat your heart out, I guess.  It’s remarkably emo considering the genre – this is the jilted lover tale that I thought “Band of Gold” was, but it’s really driven home with repeated protestations of how badly the protagonist was hurt.  Not just “I used to gather roses/now there’s thorns in my hand” but also “when you cut me down that day/I lost it all.”  Ouch.

The song also appears on the LP “Band Of Gold” and the Invictus compilation, but at a different speed – I don’t know whether they slowed down the 7″ mix for the LP or vice versa.  I do know that, like so many Motown and Northern songs,  the only one worth listening to is the 7″ single mix, presented here direct from the cleaner of my copies.

(note: my divshare died a long time ago, so for expediency’s sake, I’ve substituted a youtube link which probably isn’t equal quality.)


Freda Payne – The Easiest Way To Fall (7″ version)

*Fun fact: the first concert I ever went to was The Four Tops in 1991 at Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge.

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