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Soul In The Bowl

Soul In The Bowl 7_A little bit square, a little bit hardcore funk, the mysterious Father & Sons’ “Soul In The Bowl” almost defies explanation.  A two sided live recording which refuses to follow many of the rules we typically accept as a part of our funky explorations, “Soul In The Bowl” commits what ordinarily would be a grave error in its quotation of “The Charleston” right in the middle of its groove – turning a fine swinging mostly-instrumental into a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  And that is just one instance of it shifting keys in a way that makes the song different (and more difficult) than the average funk cut.   But personally, I think it rather succeeds – it’s hard to argue with its groove and especially its FEEL.

Acceptance of “Soul In The Bowl” requires embracing the song’s quirks* rather than ignoring them, and given how many other funk nuggets out there play by the rules, I think we can deal with the one that sounds like the bridge was rewritten by your Benny Goodman-loving grandma.

[audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/24364516-929.mp3]


*Things I also love: the New Orleans Nicky Hopkins on piano, and the guy yelling “Makes me feel young again!”  You get the sense that there are a few generations in this mix, much as the band name would indicate.

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